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Pick the Methyl Ester that best fits your use:

SSI Vegetable Methyl Ester xS

With extra solvency & extra cleaning Power, SSI Methyl Ester xS is great for cleaning product formulations. High Kb value of 67.3 is 16% higher than soy methyl ester 58Kb. Reduced residue than soy methyl ester for better cleaning. Lower viscosity: 6.4 cSt @ 25 degrees C vs soy methyl ester's 8.34 @ 15 degrees C. Lower VOCs Reduce Indoor Air Pollution.

SSI Vegetable Methyl Ester xL

With extra lubricity, SSI Methyl Ester xL is great for lubrication product formulations. It has lower friction coefficients than mineral oils. Lower evaporation: up to 20 % less than mineral oils. Reduces the risk of fires in applications such as metal cutting. Higher viscosity and increased residue or lubrication film than soy methyl ester. Enables enhanced performance in some applications where plant-derived lubricants have demonstrated efficiency improvements such as transmission systems. Longer lifespan than mineral lubricants.Also great for metal working products and penetrants to compete with WD-40 products.

SSI Soy Methyl Ester

SSI Soy Methyl Ester is a 100% soybean oil-based methyl ester that acts as natural, multipurpose solvent. It offers significant regulatory and safety advantages over petroleum solvents, and addresses the numerous EPA and environmental issues facing solvent users today. SSI Soy Methyl Ester offers consumers a choice when seeking environmentally safe solvent alternatives as a cost-effective cleaning agent. Soy Methyl Ester is an extremely efficient solvent for industries such as printing, chemical formulating, and adhesives. SSI Soy Methyl Ester is non-toxic and non-flammable.







Biobased Products are the Future

Biobased products are derived from natural oils, vegetables and/or plant matter. They do not contain toxic chemicals, they are better for the environment and better for humans than petroleum-based alternatives. Biobased products have very low VOC emissions helping to create a safe indoor air environment.  A Readily Biodegradable rating gives Hero a long term advantage.

SSI Methyl Ester xL and xS exceed Federal USDA BioPreferred Biobased specifications. An Executive Order has mandated Federal Organizations to buy biobased products. This Order is recognizing the environmental and economic advantages of biobased and is helping to provide the economies of scale to broaden the appeal of biobased to all U.S. Industry. SSI Methyl Ester xL is apporived to display the USDA Certified BioPreferred Biobased Label.




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